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A Complete Ortho, Neuro & Sports Rehab Clinic

Aashi Physiotherapy & Slimming Centre boasts a wide range of treatments designed to improve the quality of life and personal performance of our clients, whether providing relief from musculoskeletal problems or enhancing fitness for sports activities. The specific therapy offered to the patient is selected to suit their exact needs as directed by our own expert physiotherapy assessment procedures. 

To ensure a consistently high level of care, we only hire qualified physiotherapists who are passionate about what they do. We also look to develop and train our staff to implement best practices and deliver better results for you. See Our Team of physiotherapists who will be helping you get better. We primarily use our hands and do not utilize machines in our practice, with the exception of ultrasound to help with muscle repair in certain acute injuries.

Ashi Physiocare pride ourselves on the level of experience of our physiotherapists, all of whom have a specific interest in the area of sports or musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Our principal physiotherapists are recognised as DCPOT Certified Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists and our junior physios are currently working towards their post-graduate goal. All our physiotherapists participate in regular continuing education to ensure they have up-to-date knowledge and skills to provide you with current best practice. 
There is no greater frustration for an active individual or a sportsperson than to be prevented from achieving their goals due to injury and the most widely used and successful treatment of sports and musculoskeletal injuries is physiotherapy.

We have been an established Physiotherapy practice since 2017 as an integral part of The Delhi Council for Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. Our clinic has partnered with physiotherapists, sports medicine physicians, orthopaedic surgeons, rheumatologists, occupational and rehabilitation physicians, radiologists, podiatrists, sports dieticians, massage and pilates therapists and a kinesiologist . This allows us a multi-disciplinary team approach to your individual needs to achieve the best possible service and health care.

Our practice principles are a commitment to providing our patients with:

  1. High quality assessment, diagnosis and treatment.
  2. The extra care of a multi-disciplinary team.
  3. The appropriate therapist for the specific problem.

We have excellent physiotherapy facilities located in a semi spacious and well equipped equipments.




Aashi Physiotherapy and Slimming Centre is a members of The Delhi Council for Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy.  This is the organisation which represents physiotherapists in private practice. The mission of Aashi Physiotherapy Centre is to provide quality, patient-focused rehabilitation services in an accessible, health promoting environment and to utilize research-based physiotherapy outcome measures that continuously improve our standards of care and make us accountable to those served. We have an immense amount of experience in treating many different injuries and problems. We are principally musculo-skeletal physiotherapists i.e. we deal with soft tissue, joint and bone injuries and pain.
Aashi Physiotherapy and Slimming Centre is committed to achieving the highest possible standards in the provision of its services to you. We are a memeber of The Delhi Council for Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, a national organisation promoting the highest standards in the provision of physiotherapy in the private sector. Our physiotherapists’ professional responsibility is to adhere to our Standards of Practice.  Several standards are in place to ensure a record is kept of your course of treatment.  This record includes personal information such as your date of birth and address as well as information relating to your physiotherapy diagnosis, your treatment plan, and your response to treatment.
Aashi Physiotherapy and Slimming Centre delivers' Higher Standards of Care’, so you can feel confident knowing you are receiving one of the highest levels of patient care available to prevent further injury and improve your health and overall well-being. We ensure that clients receive highly individualized, one-on-one care to obtain better outcomes, faster. We focus on 5 key elements:

  1. Assessment of Your Condition
  2. Network of Professionals
  3. Personalized Treatment Plan
  4. Staying Pain Free
  5. Goodbye to Pain





At the initial treatment session, the physiotherapist will take a detailed account of the problem, followed by a physical examination in order to make a clinical diagnosis. The most appropriate treatment will be discussed and given at your first appointment. You will be advised on the estimated recovery time and self-management for a speedy return to full fitness. Our patients recommend us because they know they can depend on consistent and effective results. Besides that, our customer experience is unlike any other as we provide Alternative to SurgeryOne-on-One SessionsHands-on Approach and Individualized Treatment Plan
Aashi Physiotherapy and Slimming Centre is founded in 2017 by Principal Physiotherapist Dr. Roma Amrita to provide the highest standards of care by using the latest research and treatment techniques to continually improve the care of our clients. We specialize in providing quality physiotherapy treatment and care for patients. For more information, see Our Services .

​We bring this unique approach to you thanks to our friendly staff and quality physiotherapists – committed to getting you better, faster.
To ensure a consistently high level of care, we only hire qualified physiotherapists who are passionate about what they do. We also look to develop and train our staff to implement best practices and deliver better results for you. See Our Team of physiotherapists who will be helping you get better.
We specialize in using advanced manual therapy techniques such as Positional Release Technique. We primarily use our hands and do not utilize machines in our practice, with the exception of ultrasound to help with muscle repair in certain acute injuries.
Don’t take our word for it – check out some of our Customer Testimonials for the results we have delivered!
Dr. Roma Amrita is certified with Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Doon Paramedical College and Hospital, Dehradun and Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) in Health Care Services (Hospital and Health Care Facilities Administration/Management). She has worked in charitable hospitals, clinics and nursing home in Varanasi & New Delhi.

Over the period of time she has conducted workshops and attended various international conferences simultaneously gained various certification such as Dry Needling, Food & Nutrition and Taping.

She has dealt with patients from various age groups, backgrounds, and treatment requirements, such as sports injury, musculoskeletal disorders, orthopedic rehab, geriatrics and stroke rehab to name a few. Throughout her workforce, she has covered various areas of physiotherapy such as cardio-respiratory, pediatrics and orthopedics before moving on to private practice where her main focus was musculoskeletal pain and rehabilitation.
She has conducted workshops and run assessments on ergonomics for private physiotherapy rehab centers, and does ongoing in-clinic assessments for office workers.
  1. Shashi Parashar (​Sr. Consultant in an MNC)
    I have been seeing Dr. Roma for 20 days now and she has always been very helpful and gone above and beyond in every aspect. It does really make a difference to see a good Physio. Dr. Roma was able to diagnose my knee problem accurately and provide the correct treatment plan which has helped a lot. I am still continuing on that and keep seeing Dr. Roma from time to time. Some of the previous physio's I saw for the same issue didn't do nearly as good of a job and couldn't do proper diagnosis. Over here I was treated with great care and professionalism and my knee problem was diagnosed & fixed by her. I would Highly recommend Dr. Roma.
  2. Mr. K. K. Sinha (Retired Banking Officer)
    Dr. Roma is a master physiotherapist who identified my wrist problem as what it really was, a tendinitis problem. She made that diagnosis in the first session I had with her and set me on the correct path of recovery. I've been visiting her for two weeks now and finally, after more than a year of constant pain, I'm getting relief. Her technique is a life saver. I am so glad that I went to this place and met Dr. Roma and hopefully soon I won't need to and will be as healthy as I've ever been.
  3. Dr. A. Vaishampayan ​(Director - Banaras Hindu University)
    Was just too happy to web-visit and personal visit to the "novel of its kind" Aashi Physiotherapy & Slimming Centre, established to serve the fast-life society towards maintaining a sound health and longevity through scientifically proven methods under the expert treatment of the Specialist Consultant Dr. Roma Amrita, epitomizing a unique synthesis of traditional wisdom and modern technological temper in the frontier areas of health science for the direct benefit to the society, blended with a very-very systematic, innovative, holistic and meticulous approach to extend an absolute cure of the old health disorders of joints and plump with visibly glowing resolution. Wish for the Recurrently growing prosperity to flourish in wider areas !!!
  4. Mrs. Uma Sinha (Retired Aanganwadi Sewika)
    I have gone in for 4 sessions (numbing in left arm, and calf injury) and I can tell you that the services provided have been state of the art, the staff /doctors actually want you to get better and will do anything in their power to make it happen! I was thoroughly impressed by the vast array of services and facilities provided under one roof. For anyone experiencing pain or looking to reach optimal performance - I highly recommend them. I will be coming back to ensure full recovery. Thanks so much!
  5. Judy Aparna
    Neat and clean ambience full of divinity..magical effect on my neck stiffness and heel pain healing.
  6. Abhishek Anchal (Talent Acquisition Professional in an MNC)
    I have seen Dr. Roma a few times over the past weeks due to heel pain and bursitis, trust me she has been excellent. Dr. Roma took the time to discuss the findings of her initial assessment to identify the source of my symptoms and then underlying causes. She treated my injury focusing first on pain relief by taping techniqe and ultrasonic massage then suggested exercises to ensure a speedy recovery and also prevention of future reoccurrence. In 10 sittings, I regain the activity and able to take part in sports. I think she really understood the problem and suggested exactly the exercises needed to get things right. I was very pleased with the treatment.
  7. Rosy Sulochana (Asst. Professor)
    I had taken dry needling therapy from Dr. Roma and i am fully satisfied with the treatment and care taken by her. Had immense relaxation with the immediate and long lasting results. Thank you Dr. Roma Amrita.